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Los Angeles is still the heart of the film business and offers a vast range of location options and studio facilities. Beyond the beaches, canyons and deserts, LA has a vast and experienced pool of on-camera talent and crew. LA has been home to Streetlight since 1997. Since then we have captured the different facets of the city and landscapes in our films, spots and content. We look forward to sharing our diverse film and video experience with you.



Why Choose Serbia?
In the last few years, Serbia has become one of the most desirable places for international productions for commercials, films and television shoots.
Many International movies has been made have shot here bringing numerous Hollywood stars including Three Days to Kill with Kevin Costner, The November Man with Pierce Brosnan, Everly with Salma Hayek and Krypton to name just a few. Luc Besson has quietly made movies in Belgrade for over 10 years. On the commercial scene, major brands and international agencies have been choosing Serbia as their desired location.
So why is Serbia such a great place to shoot?
Serbia is one of the most affordable and competitive countries in Europe for pricing. Low wages on fees and services, makes Serbia almost an unbeatable choice when it comes to your budget.



Canada, and in particular Toronto has been the centre of movie-making and advertising films for many years.
Beyond holding the celebrated Film Festival each year, the city is a great place to cast and shoot.
Experienced crews and diverse locations help make this city a major film destination.
Add to this a deep talent pool and New York city look-alike downtown, Toronto makes sense for a variety of production needs.



Streetlight has been shooting in New Zealand now for over eighteen years. We’ve introduced many brands to the incredible locations and crews New Zealand land has to offer.
From the stunning volcanic beaches of the North Island to the Icy Mountains of the South. New Zealand offers a world class opportunity for filmmaking, content creation and photography. We have extensive experience in this country, working on location or in the studio, and are available to help you discover the benefits this beautiful country has to offer.
Streetlight also established a strong production link between Sydney and London in 2000 and continues to shoot branded films and develop long form projects between Australia and New Zealand.



Costa Rica is a natural heaven. With it’s hidden waterfalls, incredible natural parks, wild beaches, Jungle locations and Volcanos it’s a unique place to shoot.
Our Production team became the Delegate Country Producers here, shooting TV shows for the European market for many years.
We have access to over 6 islands that were used for the shooting of SURVIVOR that allow easy access by boat. They are secluded and officer unique visual opportunities.
We have access to the best accommodation, crew, film equipment, car rentals, boats, and helicopters.



Panama is production paradise. It offers natural tropical jungle, mountains and secluded beaches, alongside the practical needs of modern luxury resorts and communications – all at very competitive prices.
Panama provides exciting new opportunities for filmmakers and brands.
We have extensive insight of Panama with our production experience ranging from Real Estate marketing films, branded resort films and music clips.
We have crew and equipment resources available and are happy to help with a quote as needed..



We have been shooting in Romania for over 10 years. It’s given us the insight, and provided access and connections to everything you’ll need to produce Film, TV, Brand and commercial work here.
The accommodation, crew and equipment can facilitate any level of film production and adapt for every budget.
Romania offers a range of unique film locations including historic buildings and churches, traditional villages alongside modern European cities and beaches. It gives the filmmakers and brands a wide range of options.
Romania is a cost effective alternative to Hungary, Bulgaria and Ukraine. It has 4 seasons and two important waterways – the Black Sea, the Danube Delta which offer unique possibilities for your next production. Feel free to connect with us to discuss how we can help you shoot in Romania.